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Life Coaching

Working with Andrea has been a very inspirational experience. She is easy to talk to and her insightful coaching guided me to a better understanding of my life. I was in a bad place when I started, however her coaching and goal setting has given me the positive direction I needed for a happy and fulfilled life. 

Susan from North Carolina

….the pile of papers in my office space, the tendency to overwork & ‘underplay’… neglected love life…. Such was my life, ever striving for balance, but not quite sure how to get there… Then along came Andrea: Life Coach Extraordinaire! Her optimism, vision, ability to listen and provide support, encouraged me to continue moving forward enabling me to live a more full & balanced life. The method she utilized was straightforward & easily do-able. She simply provided the structure to create the space & subsequent clarity of where to spend my time & energies. …seriously, no joke…..the piles of papers in my office are disappearing, the excess in my life seems to be clearing itself out….making space for what is most important to me….freedom…. ….and as for the neglected love life…… I’m moving forward in that realm also, with an open heart & a willingness to take risks…. I’ll be forever grateful to Andrea & her superb life coaching skills!!!

Denise from Maine

Children's Music

My two sons have been taking music classes with Andrea for three years now, the younger since he was born, and I am amazed at how much the two of them absorb in Andrea's class, which then transfers to our life outside of music class. Along with Andrea's songs and fun activities, the kids have learned all sorts of skills and behaviors which will guide them in preschool and beyond. I will never forget the day my son, at age three, began singing Andrea's clean up song as he was putting his toys away. She truly has a way of reaching and connecting with each child in her classes. I see this over and over again. I am thrilled to have found Andrea and her music classes and am grateful for all my sons have learned from her.


Veronika Mieszkowska

Andrea is always raising the bar, so she thought it was time to put together a band. One toddler on shakers, one on xylophone, one on sticks, and one on bells. An early lesson in teamwork and collaboration. They're all geniuses!

Christina Engelbrecht, Contra Costa Sun

Music class has been wonderful for my son, and great training for me as a mom. Andrea's enthusiasm for the music and experience with children's developmental stages help me to understand what my child is capable of and how I can help him to grow. Mostly, it's a wonderful way to share the pure enjoyment of music and movement with your child.

Kathleen McGee Olson

I wanted to share someone with the rest of the moms. I hired Andrea Gaspari to come to my daughter's 4th birthday party this past weekend and lead them in music and dance. We had about 12 boys and girls, all around 4 years, and they had a great time. Most of them were at total attention for most of the hour that she came. It was the most relaxing kids birthday I have ever been to or had. I cannot recommend her enough - she is wonderful!

Michele Hughes Edelmuth

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