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Current Schedule 2023

Contact Andrea at 925-280-7364 or
to register for classes.


**All Oakwood Athletics, DVMS and KLA

Classes are for MEMBERS only

4/10 -5/22

4/11 -5/30

4/12 - 5/31

4/13 - 6/1

4/14 - 6-2

Private Pods in your backyard!

Choose from theatre, music, dance, piano, and yoga.
  Contact Andrea to schedule your Private Pod.

Piano and Me 
3.6-5 years
Location            Diablo Valley                       Montessori School

Times:                  3:00pm -3:40 pm

Classes for homeschool groups:


Group Piano, Musical Theater, Painting with a Purpose, Organic Gardening/Earth Science, Creating Art from Nature

Birthday Parties! 

Let's Make Music
18 mo -3 yrs
Location:           Pleasant Hill Rec.

Times:                    9:15am -9:55am

(13 -18/mo w/ sibling, under 13/mo free)

Rhythm Piano 
5 yrs -8 yrs
Location:            Pleasant Hill Rec.

Times:                      4:15 p - 5:00pm

KLA Classes 

   Piano and Me I     

Piano and Me II 

       Story Dance Yoga         

Let's Make Music 

Musical Theater I

  Musical Theater II 

Times:                    9:30am -3:00pm

Piano & Me
3.6 yrs -5.6 yrs
Location:                  Pleasant Hill                                         Senior Center

Times:                      3:30 p - 4:10pm

Piano and Me
3.6yrs -5 yrs
Location:                  Orinda Comm.

Times:                      3:30 p - 4:10pm

Let's Make Music
18 mo -2 yrs
Location:                  Orinda Comm.

Times:              10:30am - 11:10am

(siblings 13-17/mo welcome, under 18/mo free w/ sibling)

18mo - 3 yrs
Location:                  Orinda Comm.                                            Kindergym

Times:                9:30 am - 10:10am

2 yrs - 3 yrs
Location:                  Orinda Comm.                                           Kindergym 

Times:            11:20 pm - 12:00 pm

4 yrs - 6 yrs
Location:                Orinda Comm                                       Kindergym

Times:                     4:20 - 5:00 pm

Toddler Tumble & Roll
1-2 yrs (must be walking)
Location          Orinda Comm.

Times:                  9:30 -10:10am


Lunch Bunch/Piano & Me
 3.6 - 5 yrs
Location:                Pleasant Hill Rec.

Times:                    11:30am -12:30 pm

Music/Dance Play Group
16 mo -2.11 yrs
Location:                   Home Studio

Times:              10:30am -11:10am

(1sibling  under 13/mo free)

 Registration Info Below

Schedule Andrea
for your child's music, dance,
or favorite fairy tale princess Birthday Party


*At YOUR choice of location

*Ages 1-8 years

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