Andrea's Musical Adventures

Program and Classes

Mommy & Me Musical Babies

6-18 months

Babies and their caregivers enjoy the development of the child through singing, dancing, and instrument exploration. We will nurture language skills, fine and large motor skills, space relationships, and bonding with caregivers. There is no better gift for your child than helping them learn new skills with someone they love.

Sing & Swim

6 months-3 years

Come join Andrea in this custom-designed musical swim program. Andrea joins you and your child in the pool with her melodical fun and games. Together, you will practice safety drills and activities that help promote developmentally appropriate swim skills. What better way for your child to get acquainted with the water, then in the safety of your loving arms?


Let's Make Music

18 months-3.5 years

In this class, your child, along with a loved one, will sing, dance, use props, play instruments, as well as participate in interactive storytelling! Don't miss this wonderful approach to learning music concepts and theory, as well as math and language readiness skills.  Come see why Andrea is a three-time Bay Area Parent Award winner and has won national awards for her children's cds! Come join the fun today.

Music, Piano and Me

3.5-6 years

Children will learn musical concepts and theory as it pertains to playing piano and beyond! Using games, activities, singing and instrument play, we'll learn to read and write music as well as experience it from the inside out. Your child will be fully prepared for instrument lessons once they've mastered this creative curriculum!




Rhythm Piano & Me

5-7 years

This is a semi-private group piano lesson led by two teachers where your 5-7 year old will join other children in group games and activities covering all the symbols and concepts of music as they apply to learning to play the piano. They will rotate onto the piano one at a time for some private instruction every week. Join us at the end of every semester for a recital/mini-musical show the last day of class. (5 year olds must complete the prerequisite "Music, Piano and Me" class unless approved with the teachers.) Upon completion of Rhythm Piano and Me, your child will be ready to begin private piano lessons with the piano teacher of your choice.

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